Artisan made. Fine painted beaded Christmas, Halloween, Patriotic, Ribbon Awareness, Swarovski Crystal and Designer Jewelry for Kids, Girl, Women and Grandma. Custom-made Jewelry for Museum, Hospital Gift Shops or Speical Gifts for Event, Party or Corporate Guests are available by request. 

fiona retailer program

I know you do love hand-painted jewelry from Heart and wanna pass those "Passion" & "Love" from Artisan to your family, friends and store customers.

Now you can be the ambassador of displaying all beautiful and delicate fiona painted jewelry in your lovely store.

Join us. Become a fiona retailer.

  • 1. Enjoy huge discount price with no order quantity per style or minimum order total required.
  • 2. Free Shipping to you or your customers with order total $75.00 or more.
  • 3. Marketing materials including product packaging support, fiona brand display could be available based on account level and past payment status. 
  • 4. Special Promotion & Trade Show events only available for you.
  • 5. Be the first one to see New developed samples and ordering before actual products releasing to market.