About fiona

What is fiona®'s hand-painted jewelry?

fiona®’s hand-painted jewelry is the one-of-a-kind wearable gift made with passion & love from our artisans to your loved ones.

What is fiona®'s hand-painted jewelry made with?

fiona®’s hand-painted jewelry is made with glass beads, crystals or dazzling Swarovski crystals imported from Swarovski®, Austria.

Why fiona®’s hand-painted jewelry is One-of-a-kind?

Dimensional picture is created by stacking sub-picture paints on bead surface without using stencils or stickers.

Who made fiona®’s hand-painted jewelry ?

Every fiona®’s hand-painted jewelry is painted by fiona®’s team who are all talented girls and hard working mothers living overseas. Delicate and beautiful painting is the results of years of learning, practicing and skills refining.

Who designed fiona®’s hand-painted jewelry?

Designer: Fiona Lin & Sonic Tseng both are the first generation of American immigrants born in Taiwan and now living in California, USA for over 20 years. Most painted jewelry were born from Fiona's prototype then inspired, refined and expanded to series of new categories by Sonic. Sonic is the designer for all fiona®’s painted Swarovski crystal jewelry line.