1. Wholesale pricing with average 50%-70% OFF retail price.
2. $100.00 credit. (Ref. 1)
3. Free shipping for first 365 days. (Ref. 1)

4. Free return. (Ref. 2)
5. Net 60 terms. (Ref. 3)
6. Special Promotion exclusive for ordering at fionaaccessories.faire.com.
7. Collections or Pre-assembled Jewelry with Displays available for physical stores.
1. Business email account.
2. Minimum order quantity: 3pcs per style.
3. Minimum open order total: $180.00. Reorder total $75.00.
 If you prefer to order directly from us, send us an email and we'll contact you and email flyers related to your business type. However, we are not able to offer free returns, free shipping or 60 day terms if you do not order at fionaaccessories.faire.com.

Faire.com terms:

Ref. 1 : New registered account with faire.com.

Ref. 2 : Return policy. (Click Link)

Ref. 3 : Net 60 terms. (Click Link)