Christmas in July Gifts : Where to find Best Artisan made Christmas Jewelry ?

Posted by Sonic Tseng on Jul 16th 2020

Christmas in July Gifts : Where to find Best Artisan made Christmas Jewelry ?

How Christmas in July Started?

The National Recreation Association's journal Recreation published in 1935 described Christmas in July celebration in girl's summer camp in Brevard, North Carolina with events hold on July 24 and July 25. That phrase is not popular until the release of Hollywood movie Christmas in July in 1940 talked about a man thought won prize $25K and bought presents for family, friends and finally proposed to his loved one.

In 1944, during World War II, the US Post office and U.S. Army and Navy officials work with advertising and greeting card industries to threw a luncheon called Christmas in July to promote early Christmas mailing campaign for men service overseas and they did luncheon again in 1945.

By 1950, American advertisers starts using Christmas in July themes for summertime sales and many retail stores learned to threw Christmas in July sales events around July in order to promote Christmas products just in stocked and create an holiday like atmosphere while most people having party and outdoor activities in summer instead of shopping in stores.   (Ref. Christmas in July |

What changed this year's Christmas in July?

I am not sure how many people do thinking of preparing Christmas gifts for family, friends and loved one under hot, long sunny days. We usually go swimming, hiking, running or do other outdoor activities like having BBQ party at park, beach or someone else's backyard. 

But, with threat of invisible virus, our life in year 2020 becomes so much different now. We shall not hold party with best friends or cheering with our lovely relatives. We also don't have to dress-up to workplace or able to do what we loved most: eating and shopping in stores, traveling, cruising on seven seas or enjoy live concerts or shouting our favorite team's name while seating in stadium.

Why should I buy Christmas in July Gifts?

Men and women do likely to become anxious and feel lonely when they are not able to talk, see, hear or  having physical interaction with other people they are familiar and feel comfortable with. We also craved to know if our friends, family relatives and loved ones are doing and living well. Although we can do instant messaging or having phone call with them at any moment, we still feel something missing at bottom of our hearts. That feeling is about sharing our Passion and Love to our loved ones.

Should I buy Artisan made Christmas Jewelry?

Now you can easily shop online and buy T-shirts, mugs or home wall/table decors and ornaments with picture of Santa having fun at beach or Snowman made by beach sand. Will those machine mass printed or made products able to be given as gifts or able to deliver message to people that you cherished the most?

Although you can find hundreds of web postings, images and videos about how to make your own Christmas in July gifts at home; Honestly, not everyone has green thumbs or have time to practice or create all hand-made gifts for this Christmas in July.

Where to find Best Christmas Jewelry made by Artisan?

You can easily search and shop artisan made one-of-the-kind jewelry at many eCommerce stores like Etsy. There might be millions of hand beaded or crafted fashion jewelry with price range from under $20.00 to over $1000.00 US dollars a piece for all budgets of shoppers. However, I bet it is not that easy to shop Christmas jewelry (ps. I mean jewelry with Christmas theme like Santa, Snowman, Reindeer...etc) combines: Exquisite design, All hand-made from Finest Materials and most important: Luxury Artisan Jewelry but Affordable Pricing.

Why choose hand-made Christmas Jewelry by fiona®?

1. Exquisite Design: 

How lovely and cute of watching and wearing Christmas jewelry with vivid painted Santa Claus, Star, Angel,Snowman,Gingerbread Man,Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Candy Cane...etc. on dazzling Swarovski® crystals and tiny glass beads.

2. All hand-made from Finest Materials:

Each picture of Christmas theme is 100% hand-painted by talented painters with at least 5 to 10 years practicing and all painted directly on small beads or crystals pendants without using stencil or stickers. Vivid dimensional picture is made by stacking different paint layers which require a week long processing and waiting paint layers to dry-out.

fiona®'s Christmas jewelry is made with genuine Swarovski crystals direct ordered via Swarovski North American office and shipped from Swarovski's central warehouse in Wattens, Austria or selected premium quality glass beads.

3.Luxury Artisan Jewelry but Affordable Pricing:

Luxury Artisan Jewelry not costing you an arm or leg is possible. fiona®'s Christmas Jewelry with price range from under $20.00 to mid $30.00 and sparkling painted Swarovski crystals price range form $40.00 to under $80.00. Everyone can and should be able to enjoy those unique hand-made art pieces made with Passion and Love from artisan and passing on by giving fiona®'s Christmas Jewelry to your loved ones.